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Overflowing with incredible wildlife and rich in Maasai history, the once-in-a-lifetime trip to Tanzania’s’ Serengeti offers awe-inspiring natural and cultural adventures. We have teamed up with the luxurious Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti Concierge in order to discover how to experience the Serengeti Safri in style.




How would you describe the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti to someone thinking about traveling there?

“The world’s most celebrated wildlife reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Serengeti measures close to 14,763 square kilometres – approximately the size of Holland. The region was initially known as Maasailand, named after the Maasai people. The game preserve was first established in the 1920s and was recognized a national park in 1951.”






Describe the perfect day in the Serengeti


“The Half-Day Game Drive departs the Lodge at 7:00 am. Grab a breakfast box on your way out the door and enjoy fresh coffee and delicious croissants while searching for your first of the Big Five.”


“Return to the Lodge for lunch and spend the early afternoon relaxing by the infinity pool as you enjoy the elephants playing in the watering hole just beyond.”




“At 4:00 pm, depart for an evening game drive to continue your search for the Big Five. Our safari guides will do their best to show you the amazing wildlife up close and personal. Be sure not to forget your camera in order to catch the sunset and snap that quintessential acacia tree against the wide-open Serengeti sky.”


“Return to Lodge and sip a sundowner cocktail at the Sundowner Bar before heading to your room for a shower. Consider the dinner buffet for your evening meal. Our chefs will serve up some tasty Swahili cuisine featuring specialties from the coast. Enjoy a post-dinner drink at our open-air lounge area and see who among you can count the most stars!”


What are your must-visits attractions for someone travelling to the Serengeti?  


“For the chance to see some of the Serengeti’s many fascinating animals—the ecosystem is home to about 70 species of mammals—embark on one of the Lodge’s exciting full-day or half-day game drives. Accompanied by an experienced guide, you’ll spot grazing wildebeest and zebras, colourful birds and towering giraffes. Experience one of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural phenomena when the Great Migration passes close to the Lodge between late May and early June. After a half-day excursion, you’ll make it back in time to get up close and personal with resident wildlife, including elephants and monkeys.”


“Set off at first light on a full-day trip to Ngorongoro Crater. This UNESCO World Heritage site, one of the largest unbroken and unflooded calderas in the world, boasts the greatest game density in Africa. It’s the perfect place to track down the “big five”—lions, leopards, buffalo, African elephants and the elusive black rhino, one of the rarest creatures to roam the Serengeti.”


What special experiences does the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti property offer guests?


“What better way to take in the stunning Serengeti landscape than from the air? A sunrise Hot Air Balloon flight over the Serengeti is sure to be one of the highlights from your safari. Flights last approximately 1 hour, are followed by a champagne bush breakfast and require an early departure from the Lodge at 4:45 am – a quick breakfast to go is provided.”



“Join one of our expert driver-guides on a full-day adventure to learn more about local culture; both past and present. You will game-drive south, cross the Serengeti Plains, where upon entering the Ngorongoro Conservation Area you will start to pass colourful Maasai, grazing their cattle while having an opportunity to visit one of the Maasai Bomas (villages). To allow you to spend the whole day away from the Lodge, you will be provided with a delicious picnic lunch.”


“The seeds of the baobab tree—also known as the “tree of life”—contain large amounts of vitamins and nutrients essential for healthy skin. Baobab oil, derived from these seeds, is used in all of the body treatments at the Spa. The signature Kifaa Massage incorporates a rungu, a wooden baton used by Maasai warriors, and warm baobab oil, which nourishes and soothes the skin.”