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We have teamed up with the incredible Royal Mansour‘s concierge to explore the best of what Marrakech has to offer. Below, a look into this vibrant city’s must-visit restaurants and attractions that you will not want to miss out on when exploring.



How would you describe the Royal Mansour to someone thinking about traveling there?

Stay at Royal Mansour it’s like a journey through time, combining the original spirit of the Moroccan history, Handcraft  and multidisciplinary, multimedia art program. A real oasis for the well-travelled.




Describe the perfect day in Marrakech?

The most pleasant time to explore Marrakech is spring (From March to May) when the roses bloom and the days are fresh and sunny. The city has a wonder climate with shimmering white snowy winters, the right period to enjoy one day trip nearby Marrakech, A day trip to explore the beauty of the natural landscapes and the grandeur of its cultural and human heritage.

As in only 60 km from Marrakech, begins a chain of Berber village, from where start a beautiful hike, the road runs along a green valley where the impressive mountains change the colors, the old kasbah overlooking the valley below, in the direction of Moulay Brahim, the Kik plateau seems to dig the Atlas. An opportunity to meet with local Berber people and discover their culture and traditions through sincere and respectful exchanges.


Where are your must-visits attractions for someone traveling to Marrakech?

Le Jardin secret: a quiet place in the deep crowded old town, origins of the complex date back to the Saadian Dynasty, more than four hundred years ago.
It has been the home of some Moroccan and Marrakech’s important political figures. Le Jardin Secret is part of the great tradition of stately Arab-Andalusian and Moroccan palaces, which are outstanding examples of Islamic art and architecture.

The Bahia Place: The Bahia Palace is a palace and a set of gardens located in Marrakesh, Morocco. It was built in the late 19th century, intended to be the greatest palace of its time.

Majorelle garden: The Jardin Majorelle is one of the most visited sites in Morocco.

It took French painter Jacques Majorelle forty years of passion and dedication to create this enchanting garden in the heart of the “Ochre City”.




What are the three best restaurants that are a must visit in Marrakech?

Le Jardin du Royal Mansour: A glimpse of the menu reveals royal sea bream ceviche with yuzu juice, chicory and Shiso, rolls King prawns, sage, sea bream and avocado, tiger prawns brochettes with spicy honey, celery served in a pot with seaweed jam and crunchy rice, and apple sun with cinnamon.

La Grande Table Marocaine du Royal Mansour: A reinvention of classical gastronomy in which the core flavors of Moroccan cooking are interweaved with innovative techniques and cooking styles, with refined techniques and distinctive flavors. The restaurant is also a feast for the eyes

Le Comptoir-Darna : Le Comptoir-Darna offers a perfect fusion between East and West. This is the place of the red city where night gives way for partying … Moroccan and international gourmet cuisine are woven in perfect harmony. Dinner and show with choreographed belly dancers, musicians and DJ’s in a beautiful setting.


What are the must-visit shops/streets in Marrakech?

Royal Mansour Boutique: The Boutique du Royal Mansour Offers a unique setting for exceptional creations combining subtle luxury and contemporary design. It testifies to the ancestral expertise of Moroccon work.

Yahya Creation: Yahya’s Creations are a mixture of East and West, he reinterprets the ancient oriental works through art of brassware. Copper, bronze, nickel, silver, glass and wood are worked with a perfect mastery of techniques and finishes.

33 Majorelle: The shop 33 Majorelle is a brand of a new kind of presenting the creations belonging to some forty Moroccan designers. Natural materials with pure and elegant lines and handcrafted finishes.


What do you think is most unique about the Royal Mansour? What special experience do you offer your guests?

The all Royal Mansour experience is an invitation of admiration, the sense of wonder starts from the arrival experience at the airport with a personal greetings, transfer with a luxury vehicle, the staff attitude with a special ritual and protocol, the receiving line at the hotel makes the guest feel individual, the SPA which is a real world of tranquility and peace to a wonderful culinary journey in our different restaurants.  The secrets of Royal Mansour beauty do not end, because even after departure, the guest go back home with a virtual suitcase full of memories and good times.