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The Nihi Sumba Resort, a Leading Hotels of the World member as well as Travel & Leisure’s number one hotel in the world for both 2016 and 2017, is located on Sumba, one of Indonesia’s most exotic and unexplored islands. The Nihi Sumba Resort was founded four years ago by self-made fashion billionaire Chris Burch in partnership with hotelier James McBride.

This incredible resort offers a unique blend of endless adventurous activities, from superb water sports to hiking through stunning waterfalls, excursions through indigenous villages and butterfly trails, as well as ultimate yoga and wellness retreats.

The 32 gorgeous guest villas are built on terraces with private verandas and are each equipped with a butler in addition to approximately 400 staff, which represents a guest-staff ratio that takes pampering to another level. The rooms are decorated with smooth wooden furniture along with soothing, sand-colored textiles and a touch of colorful ikate.

We have joined efforts with Nihi’s Sales & Marketing Director to discover how to best experience this majestic island.





How would you describe the Nihi Sumba to someone thinking about travelling there?

“Nihi Sumba offers a rare sense of discovery, where ancient tribal culture and unspoiled natural beauty form a backdrop to a boundless experience of unregulated freedom, understated luxury and unforgettable memories.”

“From exhilarating experiences including access to privately surf one of the world’s best left-hand break waves, to world-class sport fishing and diving, sunset gazing or star-lit dining; each stay is expertly crafted through a personalized approach shaped by pleasure not design.”





What’s the first piece of advice you’d give to anyone visiting Sumba?

“Be open to explore and discover- the island offers some amazing untouched natural scenery from lagoons, waterfalls and hidden beaches.”


Describe the perfect day in Nihi Sumba?

“Every day is perfect at Nihi Sumba and with the plethora of activities to do, you will never get bored.
You can start your day with a yoga session at the cliff top yoga pavilion, followed by a healthy breakfast at Ombak. Get engaged in one of our activities from the Nihioka Spa Safari, to surfing, fishing, paddling on the river (and much more). Relax at the Nio Beach Club or at the Boathouse for drinks at sunset and finish your day with a private dinner, either in one of our dinner destination location or in the privacy of your own patio.”


What do you think is most unique about Nihi Sumba?

“Nihi Sumba and its being at the Edge of Wildness gives the possibility to experience a by-gone era in the most unspoiled natural beauty.”


What special experience do you give your guests?

“Our guests are looking for more than just a vacation. They want to feel connected and useful, to give back and be a part of something larger than themselves. Through highly customized activities and personal itineraries, our guests experience compelling moments that inspire, and ultimately create a charitable impact.”


What’s your best insider tip for those visiting Sumba?

“Try to visit Sumba in Spring during Pasola – a pre-harvest fertility ritual. The ritual involves groups of horse riders throwing spears at each other. They believe that the more blood is spilled on the ground, the better the harvest will be. Sumba people are known warriors after all.”